the myth

The tradition of the Sollazzo, the lush garden of the Arab-Norman royal palaces, originates from the legendary persian gardens.

In the royal garden grew lush fruit trees, especially citrus ones, and scented blooming plants in between pools and gushing fountains.
The green areas within the architectures were called solatia, meaning delights.
Inspired to the islamic paradise, such garden acts as background to the Arabian Nights kind of loves that are also part of the Sicilian tradition.

sollazzo wine bottle

the wine


Nero d'Avola

sensorial features

Sollazzo is of a intense ruby red colour with purple reflexes.
The bouquet is intense, persistent.
Vanilla spiced scents are immediately perceivable as well as notes of barrel oak and fruity hints of cherry and coconut arise.
The wine is dry to the palate, fresh in acidity, with evolved tannins, only subtly perceivable, supported mainly by freshness.
In the aftertaste phase, it is noticeable the significant alcoholic content.

Sollazzo at the table

Sollazzo should be drunk from a medium calibre stem glass, ideally served with hard cheeses or with red meat dishes, such as an entrecôte cooked in a pan with aromatic herbs, salted, peppered and dressed with raw olive oil.