the history

The history of Retablo Feudi Castellazzo has been tied for over 100 years to that of the founders' family and tells about a tenacious passion for the earth, the vineyard, the wine.

This original film shot in our estate during the harvest of 1965 is a precious document that evokes our history solely through the power of images, without the need to recur to words.

The film manifests the love for viticulture expressed by our community as well as by the owners, Enzo Spanò founder and chief manager at the time, his 30 years old sister Elisabetta (dressed in black due to mourning) and her children, among which the current owner Salvino Spanò, 10 years old at the time, as well as by the farmers, all gathered together at the time of the harvest.

The images convey the celebratory atmosphere: the abundance of vine fruits in the vats rewarded for the year-long strenuous labour that bent the back and made hands numb.
Also the mayor of the adjacent town, Vita, arrives, in homage to the abundance of the harvest, while trucks full of grapes come and go and faces smile.

The current owner and director, Salvino Spanò, has inherited Retablo Feudi Castellazzo, transferred by the maternal grandfather, Baron Isidoro Spanò to the uncle Enzo Spanò, who has passed to Salvino