the myth

The deeds of Floriant, the son of the king of Sicily raised by Morgan le Fay, are told in the chivalric novel Floret e Floriant.

The novel narrates that the young man had to face countless dangers to vindicate his father, killed by a palace minister.
After meeting Floret, daughter of the Byzantine emperor, Floriant falls in love with her and together the two lovers travel the sea far and wide.
In the end they will seal their union in Sicily with the birth of their firstborn Fruert.

floriant wine bottle

The wine


Cabernet Sirah


Floriant has a burgundy red colour, full and impenetrable, with claret red reflexes.
The fragrance is intense, with an amplitude of complex smells ranging from the floral notes of violet to the fruity ones of mature cherries, blackberries and bluberries.
The flavour is dry, dense, concentrated and rich, with enjoyable, mature and decisive tannins.
It lingers on the palate longly with a notable aftertaste, being supported by a pleasant background acidity.

Floriant at the table

Floriant should be drunk from a medium calibre stem glass and it is perfect to combine with red meats enriched by demie glaces, purees or jams of berries or sweet onions.