the myth

In ancient Sicilian dialect Sarenas indicates the sirens, the charming creatures half woman and half fish of Homeric memory

The sarenas emerge from water to tempt men with their seductive charm, narrated in the myths and legends of Sicily, as in the tale of the siren Murgen, which means 'born from the sea'.
Murgen lived under the sea inside a huge shell and appeared to men at night to predict their future.

sarenas wine bottle

the wine



Sensorial features

Sarenas is of an intense straw-yellow colour, with crystalline reflexes.
The scent is delicate with notes of white flowers and citrus fruit, donating a refreshing acid vein.
The taste is dry, balanced, soft and persistent, reminding of almonds and in general dry nuts.
In the aftertaste phase, a mineral note quickly arises and then vanishes, bringing the palate back to neutrality.

Sarenas at the table

Sarenas should be drunk from a medium calibre stem glass and it is ideal to combine with simple fish dishes such as spaghetti with mussels or more elaborate like swordfish rolls 'alla siciliana'.